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Text Box: Follow up to the talk on the Battlefields of the Vosges.
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Captions from Mike Shiel’s talk on the Voges.

FORT DE LONCIN, Liege: Aug 15th 1914.  Remains of 120mm gun cupolas.  Built in 1888 this was major part of defences of Liege. Attacked on Aug 7th - 15th August Hit by “Big Bertha” 420mm  800kgs  killing  over 300 men.

MARAIS DE FRISE, nr Frise. German and French trenches on south side of Somme in position described by Blaise Cendrars.  
GR 31U 0485948 5530978
LA CHAVATTE, nr Chaulnes.  German observation post built inside house 
GR  31U  0482940 5511633
VINGRE, nr Soissons;  Vingre  Memorial to French soldiers shot as an example in Sept 1914  
GR  31U0512564 5475097
CONFRECOURT FARM, nr Noyon: quarry here was held by the French. There was also a hospital here and extensive rock carvings
31 U 0512564 5475097
Contact: M. Jean Luc Pamart		+33 3 23 74 25 90
COUCY LE CHATEAU, nr Soissons. Immense ruined castle blown up by German in 1917 to deny French its use as observation post. In woods nearby are artillery bunkers and emplacement for large naval gun. destroyed on March 16 1917
Long Max 380 firing 750 kg shell about 35/40 kms: barrek about 17m long  weiged about 220 tonnes
GR: 31U 0522087 5486209.
SEMIDE, Champagne. German gun emplacement Long Max 380 firing 750 kg shell about 35/40 kms: barrel about 17m long  weiged about 220 tinnes Dec 1917 fired 17 shells and then removed
31U 0616383 5465432
BINARVILLE, Argonne. The "Lost Battalion"  31U 0639377 5457194  Oct 3 1918 - detachment of American troops advanced too far and were cut off for 5 days before relief arrived. They were trapped in this steep ravine which still has fox holes in its sides.
 MONT FAUCON   Tour de Kron Prinz.   Taken by the Germans in 1914 and Hill 336  taken by the Americans in Sept 1918 the original village was totally destroyed and never re-built.
GR:  31U 0655775 5460011
BUTTE DE VAUQUOIS, 25 Kms WNW Verdun. Destroyed village wth huge series of craters and extensive underground mine workings.
Association des Amis de Vauquois
1, rue d'Orléans - 55270 VAUQUOIS
Tel.: 0033 (0)3 29 80 73 15
FORT DE LIOUVILLE, St Mihiel Salient   27th Sept 1914 it was badly damaged.  Remains of 155mm turret which had its guns removed and was then used by Germans as an observation post.
31U  6924 54120
TRANCHEE DE LA SOIF, St Mihiel Salient
 Complex of French and German Trenches on the Bois d’Ailly

 MARBOTTE CHURCH was used as a hospital and morgue by Franch troops fighting in the Bois d'Ailly.

 BOIS BRULE, St Mihiel Salient - German trenches  Complx of Germans trenches and bunkers in amazing state of preservation.Fighting began here in Sept 1914: Holts states that 15,000 men died here in just three months of fighting.  April 8th 1915. 95th RI had lost most it s men when their Adjutant Jaques Pericard rallied them with the cry "Debout les Morts" - Stand up the Dead! ONlt 3 men were unwounded at the end of the action.
GR SU 0692746 5415172
TRANCHESS DES BAVAROIS in the Foret D'Apremont. Extensive German trenches in the St Mihiel Salient 
GR  31U 0691817 5415207 
TETE DU COQUIN  nr St Die des Vosges
GR  31U0352921 5368593  German observation post built into rocky outcrop overlooking the valley of the Riv. Plaine.
PAIN DE SUCRE, nr St Die des Vosges     FESTE BLEIBTREU  German fortifications in the western foothills of the Vosges.
GR  31U  0351320 5368164
FESTE KAISER WILHELM II - MUTZIG  GR:    This was a German fort started in 1893 and designed to prevent French attacks on the Alsacian plain through the Vosges Mts. It was built a "dispersed" fortification covering 254 hectares and able to support 6,500 men  The battery consists of 4 x 105 mm Krupp cannon 
32U 0-386129 5379560
HIGH VOSGES: 3 battlefields which are quite exceptional for the extent and well prserved condition of the trench and bunker systems. Each one really requires a day.

May 2009 - Battle Honours Tours are mounting a visit to these mountain top battlescapes which are really quite unparalleled by any other sites n the Western Front.

TETE DES FAUX - 32U 0359812 5335199  Large German blockhouse on summit  Tetes des Faux is 1208m. peak to south of Weiss Valley with extensive views of surrounding region. Scene of bitter fighting but despite repeated assualts was held by Germans who builty extensive bunkers, block houses and trench systems on the hillside which were supplied by funicular railways from the valley below.
GR:  32T 0362817 5302353  Known to French soldiers as " Vieil-Armand" this rocky spur overlooks the Plaine d'Alsace and was scene of bloody fighting in 1915 with repeated assaults. Today this is quite the most extensive trench systems anywhere on the Western Front 
LE LINGE,  “The grave of the Chasseurs” this rocky spur and its associated battlefield has a superb museum and incredibly well preserved trenches.
 GR: 32 U 0361452 5327219 

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